United States Department of Agriculture

Southshore has performed third party logistics services consisting of warehousing handling, storage and transportation integration for the United States Department of Agriculture since 1982.  Southshore has warehoused non-fat dry milk for the USDA under government contracts in St. Joseph, Michigan and Elkhart, Indiana.

Southshore personnel work directly with USDA inspectors on-site in Southshore warehouses for grading of commercial dairy non-fat dry milk. The USDA grading process uses random statistical sampling techniques and testing to determine the acceptability of the product by the USDA and subsequent storage in a Southshore warehouse. Southshore meets or exceeds all of the strict USDA standards for warehouse cleanliness, storage techniques, security and other processes and procedures for safeguarding USDA non-fat dry milk and its place in the domestic food chain. Southshore’s warehousing operations are subject to frequent inspection by USDA examiners. These inspections evaluate warehouse housekeeping, quality control processes and inventory records accuracy.

Southshore was a major supplier of warehouse space and services to the USDA for non-fat dry milk storage during the period 1980 through 1987 for the milk price support program. Southshore supplied approximately 1 million square feet of warehouse space and stored over 1 billion pounds of non-fat dry milk for the USDA during that period. Southshore coordinated and controlled the transportation of this non-fat dry milk both domestically and internationally. USDA shipments were made by tractor-trailer, rail cars and ocean containers.

Today, Southshore continues its long relationship with the USDA and performs warehousing logistics services for the storage and transportation of USDA non-fat dry milk as product becomes available in various regions of the United States.

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